Processes Involved

Project Needs and Expectations

Depending on the size of the job as the first step in the design process, the N&AS team will be a consultant to the client and work as a team with other engineers, designers, contractors and sub trades for the client, to choose the best options available.


Basic single systems no consulting fees. More complex and integrated system where a lot of time is spent designing and engineering sub systems there is an hourly fee.

In general, there are a few options:
a) Basic rough-in wiring and completion. ( Basic; no automation required)
b) Item (a) plus rough-in wiring for future home automation systems
c) Item (b) plus entry level home automation and completion
d) Item (c) in more advanced home automation and completion

Other Processes Involved

•  General Design Features and Requirements
•  Quote Preparation
•  Finalizing the Quote, Budget & Design
•  Contract Preparation & Authorization
•  Project Management
•  Prewire
•  Installation
•  Programming
•  Commissioning and System Delivery
•  Service and Support

The client will have peace of mind as the Network & Automation Systems Inc. team co-operates with all involved trades people toward the successful completion of the project. We have been helping builders and home owners in different projects to completion this way since 1981.
And finally, the tasks and constraints are fully explained to our installation team. We make sure that our installers and staff always abide by the latest building codes, Occupational Health and Safety regulations and any other standards required.