Environmental Monitors

Threats to your home or business go beyond theft. Water pipe bursts and flooding can destroy your property and valuable belongings, while high carbon monoxide levels or smoke and fire can create health and safety hazards. Often, these can occur without your being aware, even if you’re at home. Low temperature sensors can be installed in your home where water pipes are present. All these sensors can be monitored by our Monitoring Station. That’s why reliable, accurate detection is key to your protection.

Water leak sensors installed in flood-prone areas of your home detect accumulation of water caused by cracked or broken water pipes, loose pipe connections, inadequate drainage or flooding, so action can be taken right away and your main water feed is disconnected.

Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors placed strategically throughout your home warn you of toxic carbon monoxide and smoke levels so you can quickly evacuate. Remember both smoke detectors and CO detectors have an expiry date.