A Network & Automation Systems Inc. home or business control takes the place of a standard security system. It features built-in UL Listed, compliant security and fire systems to detect intrusion, smoke and fire, carbon monoxide, water and other hazards through wired and wireless sensors.

It provides the ultimate in safety for you and your family with features not found in a standard security system, such as inside and outside lights turning on in the event of a security alarm or the HVAC automatically turning off in the event of a fire to prevent the spreading of smoke throughout the home as well as other features that can be designed into the system.

A Network & Automation Systems Inc. home and business control system may be personalized to notify you by the telephone, e-mail, Internet surveillance or by central monitoring of an alarm event. Not only can you call or login on the Internet to check or change the security, locked doors, temperature, or light settings, the system can call or e-mail you alerts. The system can call or text you if the alarm has gone off. Back-up battery resources ensure security even during a power loss.

The Cellular Communicator can communicate alarm conditions using a GSM cellular network when the land line or cable phone service is non-existent, has been cut or out of service.

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