Multi Room Audio

Allows you to listen to your favourite music where you are in your home or business or throughout. Sources can be at a central location or some form of docking station. Select zones and sources from your automation control or smart device, play who you want, what you want, where you want and how you want, with the touch of a button on a touch pad, keypad or smart device. System can also work on a schedule or event.

Sound Masking

More for the business aspect, sound masking due to privacy issues is a necessity and in some places legislated in any work place that requires confidential information of clients to be exchanged between client and service providers and their workers. Examples are Doctor’s offices, Lawyer’s offices, Government offices etc. This process masks the conversations going on to make it not understandable from any location that should not have access.

Paging Systems

Used in residential and commercial situations, to call through a speaker matrix to contact an individual or make announcements with the use of a microphone or a phone input on site or remotely. These announcements can be made through a warehouse, office complex, throughout your yard or home.