What is Home Automation?

Home or Business Automation or Lifestyle Management Control/System Integration or smart home technologies are systems and devices that can control elements of your home or business environment, with any of our services individually or in combination. These systems can be used to save energy, improve safety, reduce insurance costs, expand usability and make lifestyle easier for people of all abilities. This can be achieved through a user interface such as a touch screen/ keypad, tablet, remote, computer, phone or cell, from your home or anywhere you are.



Network & Automation Systems Inc

Why do you need Home Automation?

Good Night – Operate a button on a user interface at night, lights dim to off, alarm system arms, pathway lights glow, heat is reduced to pre-set night mode and doors are locked.

Preventative – You leave in the morning for work, your refrigerator water connection starts to leak. Monitoring station is notified, you are notified of situation, main water line is shut off automatically, damage is minimized.

Visual – Can have cameras around your home or business that you can view from anywhere in the world that have cell or high-speed.

Safety – You are awakened in the middle of the night by your smoke detectors or CO detectors. The furnace fan is shut off to make sure that the blowing air does not feed the fire, the lights turn on to light your way to safety.

Security– You are notified from your alarm system by a text that your home has been breached, you are able to use your phone to access your cameras to see what is going on. When the monitoring station calls you can tell them to dispatch the proper authorities if required.

Mechanical – You have an automatic gate which when you drive down the driveway the gate opens. At sunset the gate lights illuminate and at 23:00 they go out, if you arrive home after 23:00 the gate opens and the lights turn on. If you have a delivery, the driver uses the intercom to notify you, enabling you to open the gate.

Vacation – Alarm system arms, lights turn off, on and dim at different times of the day your shades open and close making the house look lived in. Music plays at different times, heat is automatically reduced, and main water is shut off.

Welcome Home – System identifies you, opens and closes gate, opens and closes your garage door. You unlock door from your phone and enter home, lights come on, alarm acknowledges you to disarm system, you punch in your code. System identifies you and puts on your favorite tune on your Room to Room sound system.

Entertain – Use the entertain button on a control. Your outside lights turn on lighting your guests way to the home, the gate opens and stays open until all guests have arrived, interior lights dim to certain percentage as required. Entering the theatre area select watch movie, lights are dimmed, shades drawn TV or projector turned on amplifier selects correct input, Blu-ray turns on and you can enjoy your movie.

Parenting – As soon as your child enters or leaves the house you are notified by text.

Concerned Children – You live away from where your parents reside and they have a medical alert to notify the proper authorities if something should happen. You can also be notified at the same time and be able to view the situation on your phone or computer to check on them.

Network & Automation Systems Inc. offers the ultimate State of the Art Lifestyle Management systems solutions for business and residential clients. We do this by custom designing systems and making products and systems you already have and use every day, work together. These systems can be a simple individual security system right up to a fully manageable control. This is accomplished by integrating everything from lighting and shading control, music, home theatre, video, climate control, security, supervisory—all controlled by your preference of user interface smart devices such as phones, tablets, touch screens/keypads or computers. A Lifestyle Management solution by Network & Automation Systems Inc. creates personalized experiences that enhances your life and provide added comfort, savings, convenience and peace of mind.

Start small by controlling just your family room, home theatre or basic security. A system designed by Network & Automation Systems Inc is built to grow as you grow. No matter what the application, the experience is unforgettable and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without home automation.